Kaz Party Booth !


Kaz’s Party Booth is a great way for your guests to let loose and have fun. Photo booths have been popping up all over Buffalolately, with good reason – they’re a great time!

How does our booth differ from the others? Quality. It’s allllll about Quality. Kaz Photography offers the best booth photos in Buffalo, bar none! We use Professional DSLRs and lighting equipment.  The quality is what you would expect of all of Kaz Photography’s work.

The Facts:

  • The booth is larger than standard booths – quite a few folks can fit in comfortably. See the samples below.
  • The booth is unmanned, and easy as pie to use. Press the big red button, you get a 5 second countdown before the photo is taken.
  • All of the files are available within 48 hours for your guests to download, free of charge!
  • If you like, you can encourage your guests to use the booth as part of your favors. They can have a quality photo taken or get wild – whatever they feel like!
  • Chalkboards and Chalk are always provided for your guests to leave fun messages.
  • Props are available to add to the fun!

The Figures:

  • The booth requires an 8x8x8 area at your reception.
  • There is no limit to the number of photos taken!
  • The Booth is $400 for as long as I’m at your reception. Events where I’m not the primary photographer start at $700 – contact me for quotes.

The Fun!

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