Large-format printing

Recently I’ve gotten into Large Format printing. I can now have total control over the entire creative process beginning when I take the photo, through the editing process, through the color calibration, profiling, and printing process, to the final presentation.


I use 44 inch wide roll media for most of my printing. I always use high quality materials – in this case, Hahnemühle Daguerre canvas. It’s archival quality, and will not yellow or fade over time. Plus it looks awesome. 🙂 Since it’s 44 inches wide, I can print humongous prints – 44 inches x 8 feet? 10 feet? Whatever fits the bill.

Hahnemühle Roll Canvas, ready for printing!

I go through a pretty complicated color management process (which doesn’t make for very exciting images to insert here), and I send the file off to my printer. I monitor it as it prints, and if there are any issues I can cancel the job, make the appropriate edits, and restart.

The Canvas is on its way out!


I also custom hand-make the stretcher bars that the canvas wraps around! I begin with some 1x2s from your everyday hardware store, and I route out some of the wood to make a thin edge:



I cut the appropriate angles and assemble the bars into a custom frame that’s a custom size for the canvas:

A nice clean corner

Finished Stretcher bars


Once the Canvas print is dry (which usually takes about 24 hours), I get ready to mount it to the stretcher bars.

Preparing the Canvas Print for mounting


With my trusty stapler and canvas pliers, I begin stretching the canvas across the bars…

Beginning to attach the canvas to the bars


And eventually I’m almost done.

Putting the finishing touches on the canvas print.


After it’s done, it’s ready for hanging! No frames, no garish reflections from the glass – just the image, floating out on the wall.

Finished Canvas on the wall


Now, this one was pretty small – about 11 x 11 inches. 24 x 36 inch canvasses are pretty impressive:

24 x 36 Canvas


My lovely wife was nice enough to provide scale for a 26×40 canvas of Valley View in Yosemite national park – she just asked that you ignore her PJs. 😉

Valley View 26x40 canvas


If I can provide a print for you, just contact me – I’d be glad to provide a custom quote, or work a canvas print into your wedding package.


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